Well-Architected Framework

Lightstream’s AWS Cybersecurity Framework

Lightstream has achieved the very select AWS Security Competency Partner status.

Our Cybersecurity Framework is built upon proven cybersecurity methodologies to deliver successful business outcomes while mitigating risk. Our approach provides for a holistic security posture throughout the enterprise; Cloud, Global Networking and Data Center providing the confidence to run your business.

Lightstream’s approach embraces Zero Trust concepts along with the best-practices of the AWS Well Architected Framework, CIS and NIST for all customers, while incorporating industry specific compliancy in a highly-automated manner.

Our methodology ensures that cybersecurity and risk requirements are incorporated into your architecture and utilized throughout the lifecycle and dynamics of your cloud deployment. This is also applicable to improve your existing architecture and efficiency.

Featured Security Case Study

Distributor Data Solutions

Security planning and assessment

Meet compliance requirements and determine your cyber exposure for AWS. We'll help you create a baseline for your security controls and determine next steps.


AWS Well Architected Review

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we'll review your environment against five AWS Well-Architected pillars to ensure you're operating your workloads in alignment with AWS best practices.


Professional services

Once you have a plan in place, we'll provide the architecture and design, automation and implementation services you need to improve your security posture.


Managed security services

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) provides 24/7/365 protection of your AWS environment with advanced tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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