5 Things Your Breach Response Attorney Needs You to Know Before an Incident

It is now clear that every company is at risk of a cyber-attack and resulting data breach no matter how diligent and sophisticated they are at cybersecurity. Most recognize that such an attack requires a technical response but do not realize that there are legal and business issues that must be addressed as part of the incident response process. One of the most important factors in getting this right is to prepare for it ahead of time.

Shawn Tuma is an internationally recognized thought leader, subject matter expert in cybersecurity and data privacy, and breach response attorney who leads companies through this process every day. He will explain the five most important things he wishes his clients knew before their incident and what actionable steps you can take now to prepare your company for such an event.

Rafal Los, Lightstream’s vice president of security strategy, will moderate the discussion. Rafal is well known for his podcast, Down the Security Rabbithole, that has over 25K monthly listeners. He is a recognized thought leader, speaker and industry contributor on cybersecurity topics.

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Securely Migrating Windows & SQL Servers Without Breaking Operations

If you’re hesitant to make the leap to Azure, listen to our on-demand webinar to learn how to easily migrate Windows and SQL servers securely without breaking operations. You will learn:

  • The value of migrating VMs and servers to Azure
  • Why secure landing zones are key to your success
  • How to prepare to leverage Azure Migrate to move your applications

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Compliance at the Speed of Cloud


The move to the modern cloud is at full throttle.

But that doesn’t mean you should leave compliance in the dust. You can get a handle on industry compliance just as fast as you can embrace cloud services.

Learn how to ensure you’re compliant with industry regulations in your public cloud implementations. We’ll help you stay compliant with your public cloud environment and as you implement new cloud services.

5 Business Benefits of Diving into Public Cloud

Public cloud is a strategic enabler

Public cloud gives IT leaders access to more tools and resources, limiting upfront expense and offering pay-as-you-go flexibility. IT can focus on the business instead of complex management tasks.

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AWS Reserved Instances: How to Do It Right

AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) give you the benefits of cloud computing while also reserving capacity and potentially lowering costs. That’s because realizing huge cost savings through RIs isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems.

In this webinar, Lightstream CFO Shan Edwards and CTO Sjon Benson share how to maximize RIs to drive true cost savings.

  • Maximizing your RI coverage ratio
  • Using infrastructure intelligence to drive RI contracting
  • Ongoing and consistent RI program oversight

We’ll help you improve how you assess and continually evaluate RI contracting opportunities to get the most savings through AWS.