Cut Data Transfer Costs With CloudFront & Lightstream

Cut Data Transfer Costs With CloudFront & Lightstream

With a global pandemic, record-high inflation, and the Great Resignation all contributing to economic uncertainty, many businesses have put hiring freezes in place, laid off hundreds of staff, and delayed projects indefinitely. Everyone is trying to manage costs and cut where possible.  One solution is to cut data transfer costs with CloudFront & Lightstream.

And while many organizations are already using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to manage data transfer costs and provide customers with a seamless experience. But did you know you could save up to 85 percent more each month by working with an AWS partner?

Why Lightstream?

As an AWS partner, we’re not only knowledgeable about all things AWS, but we also keep up-to-date on best practices and are well-versed in optimizing AWS services for our clients. We help them find solutions that save money, provide the most security, and allow them to innovate faster than ever before. We also pass significant savings onto our clients–up to 85 percent, to be exact–with volume purchasing.

So, before you lay off members of your IT team or bring projects to a halt, consider working with Lightstream and potentially save tens of thousands every month.

Why AWS CloudFront? 

Consumers expect lightning-fast websites, quick downloads, and seamless video streaming–they won’t wait for your site to load or for the buffering screen to go away. Delivering a great user experience quickly is paramount. Most organizations already use a global CDN like CloudFront to deliver this experience. Using a network of over 200 Points of Presence (PoP) that cache and deliver content to its users, CloudFront is a common solution for businesses looking to balance a great user experience with data cost savings.

CloudFront leverages Amazon’s resilient, fully redundant, global backbone network for superior performance and availability–all of which give the user a great experience. And by moving the content physically closer to the user, companies can save significantly on data transfer costs.

Another way businesses have become more cost-efficient is by keeping everything in-house. AWS doesn’t charge transfer fees for origin fetches from an AWS server, which helps organizations realize even more savings. Some businesses are even taking advantage of the CloudFront Security Savings Bundle, which offers up to 30 percent savings if they commit to a monthly spend commitment.

Security is another reason businesses are choosing CloudFront. Security has always been at the forefront of the cloud, so it’s not surprising that CloudFront adds an extra layer of protection. The CDN adds security features at the edge location, using application- and network-level security assets to protect data against network and transport layer DDoS attacks. By integrating CloudFront with other AWS services like Web Application Firewall (WAF), you can protect against even more complex attacks.

Calculate Your Savings

Want to see how much you could save by partnering with Lightstream for your CloudFront services? Use our cost savings calculator and then get in touch to explore a partnership to cut data transfer costs with CloudFront & Lightstream.

Cut Data Transfer Costs With CloudFront and Lightstream
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