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Data security is the top priority for every financial services business out there. Protect your data and keep your customers safe by working alongside Lighstream’s skilled advisors.

We’ll create a solution to prevent, mitigate, and rectify the complex data breaches and attacks you may encounter. If you’re also focused on providing reliable and convenient customer experiences, we can tailor a unique solution that enhances your cloud, security, and network connectivity. We’ll help you achieve effective, and fast, deployments of your cloud-based solutions while managing your cloud securely. 

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Our customized solutions meet you where you are, including keeping your customers’ data safe to creating an agile and scalable cloud framework.



With highly sensitive information at risk, cybersecurity is top of mind for financial institutions. Data breaches and cyberattacks pose significant threats to banks and their customers. Clever hackers use phishing emails and ransomware to access critical data which can have serious implications. A team of cybersecurity experts is a must to monitor any threats and defend against attacks.



Security risks and compliance are a serious challenge for financial institutions operating in the cloud. You need to know that your data is secure against attacks or threats that come from third-party vendors or hackers who gain unauthorized access. Keep your cloud secure by working with a cloud service provider who knows the ins and outs of how the cloud operates and how to safeguard against attacks.



Like any business operating partially or fully in the cloud, network connectivity can be an issue if you don’t have reliable internet. It can cause service disruptions and shut down branch offices that are all on the same network. You need a cloud service provider that can minimize downtime and has a thorough business continuity plan to ensure you stay operational even during outages.

A major bank saved ~10M on WAN

Lightstream’s technical expertise helps a large bank with over 80 locations in seven states save millions on their WAN costs.

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