Seamlessly transition to the most up-to-date technology while keeping your patients’ health data safe.

As your healthcare organization grows, you need a strategic partner who can work with you to create a custom security strategy. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to guarantee your healthcare practice is always online and data is always secure.

Lightstream offers secure cloud storage solutions that guarantee HIPAA compliance while managing your network and connectivity services so you can focus on what matters most—your patients. Give your patients a greater level of care while reducing the costs associated with advancing the technology in your practice by partnering with us.

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Our customized solutions meet you where you are, including keeping your customers’ data safe to creating an agile and scalable cloud framework.



Like the financial industry, hospitals, doctors' offices, and other healthcare institutions have incredible amounts of sensitive data. While HIPAA laws are meant to ensure patient data privacy, ransomware attacks and phishing campaigns are a serious concern. Attackers threaten the safety of patient data, often for ransom. A cybersecurity provider that proactively monitors your network and mitigates security risks can ensure patient safety and compliance.



Healthcare providers working in a cloud environment need to understand their potential risks, including cyberattacks that could leak patient data, result in non-compliance with privacy laws, and storage issues that may prevent you from accessing data in real time. Working with a cloud service provider that understands the necessary access controls and the need for airtight security is paramount.



As hospitals and healthcare facilities expand services, it’s never been more important for the right people to have immediate access to patient records to provide exceptional care. As services grow beyond hospitals, you need a network that maintains records and can be shared across the network for doctors and practitioners to view as necessary. Because it’s sensitive information and has strict regulations, you also need a team to monitor your network and protect it from threats.

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A worldwide medical device corporation saved both money and time by utilizing our cloud managed services. We optimized the financial, security, technological, and operational aspects of their cloud environment.

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