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Salt Lake City, UT, June 26: Lightstream, a global leader in cloud technology solutions, network integration and managed-network services, today announced a strategic partnership with Armor to expand its managed security offering using Armor’s advanced cloud and on-premise security-as-a-service solutions. The joint offering provides customers with best-of-breed solutions and security outcomes that enable businesses to be proactive, meet stringent compliance demands and stay ahead of cyber threats in multicloud and on-premise environments.

Lightstream’s managed security offering provides comprehensive cloud security through a flexible mix of consulting, integration and managed services. Built to support secure cloud deployments on major platforms such as AWS and Azure, the offering uses a proven methodology that ensures cybersecurity, risk and compliance requirements are incorporated into a customer’s architecture and company culture, and utilized through the lifecycle and dynamics of their cloud deployment.

Armor strengthens this offering by including 24/7/365 access to their Security Operations Center (SOC) team, in addition to threat detection and response, security analytics and orchestration, and incident response and forensics. The partnership enables Lightstream to rapidly meet customers’ cybersecurity needs with a service bundle that also reduces Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

“We are seeing a significant shift in the market with the convergence of cloud and cybersecurity,” said Mark Woodard, Armor Chief Executive Officer. “As businesses move from hosting their data workloads on-premise to hosting them in the cloud or in hybrid environments, data security and compliance can become more challenging for organizations, as it requires a different security skill set. Our partnership with Lightstream helps bring a holistic approach to a company’s security program by providing these skills as part of a comprehensive pay-as-you-scale offering.”

“We are pleased to incorporate Armor’s extensive security services into our managed security offering,” said Jeff Collins, Chief Strategy Officer at Lightstream. “As more and more customers embrace a cloud-first strategy, companies must focus on building a solid foundation by uncovering the strategies, requirements and transformational elements that support a secure cloud environment. Lightstream and Armor makes this possible by pairing consultative security and integration services with best-of-breed technologies and real-time security protection that is unrivaled in the industry.”

To learn more about the partnership, watch this video with Lightstream’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Collins and Armor’s Vice President of Security, Rafal Los.

About LightstreamFounded in 2003 as a wide-area network services company, Lightstream has grown to become a leader in cloud technology solutions, network integration, and managed network services. With corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Lightstream has sales and service offices throughout the United States.

About Armor

Armor is a global cloud security company that takes the complexity out of protecting your data, whether it resides in a private, public, or hybrid cloud—or in an on-premise IT environment. We provide managed security solutions that give you a clear picture of threats facing your organization. This allows us to provide you with the people and security resources to stop attacks before they happen and react quickly and effectively when they do, keeping your data safe and compliant. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Armor can help. We make cybersecurity simple. To learn more,  www.armor.com follow @armor on Twitter. To learn more, visit  www.armor.com or follow @armor on Twitter.