Lightstream helps wholesale bakery save money and rebound from pandemic

Lightstream helps wholesale bakery save money and rebound from pandemic

Next-level communication solutions identified opportunities for savings and growth

Business Challenge

A wholesale bakery consisting of a group of family bakeries faced a significant challenge: How to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, implement an improved communications solution and create a better business for its employees and customers.

The company has seen explosive growth in the past several decades, now with more than 130 locations and 4,000 employees across the United States. It needed a brand new, fully optimized communication infrastructure to save money and take the business into the future.

Nationwide Growth
The bakery company expanded across the country, now distributing its products in Alaska, Idaho, California, Utah, Montana, Oregon and Washington. To keep up with the growth, it knew it needed to improve communication services to better serve its locations, employees and customers.

COVID-19 Pandemic Inpact
The bakery company felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, like most other businesses. It lost half its IT department. The problem was so severe, it only had one person managing the connectivity and troubleshooting issues for all its locations.

Overspending on Dysfunctional System
The communication infrastructure was chaotic, including its phone system. The company was overspending on local phone lines, paying for extra lines and features it was not using. It also did not have a centralized ordering function or billing function, so it was juggling multiple billing statements.

Problematic Existing Contract
The bakery company was in year two of a three-year contract with its current carrier. It wasn’t fully implemented and the company experienced regular outages and failures. What’s worse, the bakery company wasn’t made aware of the issues for days at a time. It couldn’t get real-time support.

The Lightstream Solution

Lightstream secured significant savings and opportunity for growth by managing communication solutions using its best-in-class service and technology expertise.

Comprehensive Plan
Lightstream studied the bakery company’s business operations and used its understanding and expertise to create a comprehensive plan for improving its communication infrastructure.

Simplified Service
Lightstream took inventory of all the carriers, providers and locations the company was using. It consolidated the services so the company only needed to manage one provider for billing, inventory and help desk support. Lightstream also identified and eliminated any extra lines or unnecessary features over the full breadth of the company’s operations, resulting in significant cost savings.

Improved Connectivity
Lightstream made a complete platform shift and change in managed services providers to help this company improve its connectivity, which it struggled with prior, and enabled multi-cloud applications.

Alleviating Burden
Lightstream’s platform shift provided a solution to alleviate a huge burden on the company’s limited IT resources. This allowed for third-party providers to help and support the bakery company’s IT department.

Plan for the Future
Lightstream calculated the bandwidth needed to support the company’s current needs and plan for the future.

Business Outcomes

Significant Cost Savings
By consolidating and getting rid of old lines and services, Lightstream estimates the company will save around $150,000 over a five-year period. Lightstream also estimates the company will save an additional $80,000-$100,000 over five years by transitioning to a new managed services provider.

High Quality Service
With Lightstream’s expertise, the company has a brand-new supported infrastructure in a fully managed environment with high quality service.

Opportunity for Growth
Lightstream secured significant savings and opportunity for growth by managing communication solutions using its best-in-class service and technology expertise.

Better Business With Lightstream

Let Lightstream come in and analyze your business’ operations to identify areas of significant savings potential and improved connectivity. We can create a simplified system so you can focus on what you do best, serving your customers and community. Contact a Lightstream partner today.

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