Move your manufacturing business forward with expert custom solutions and optimized applications.

Your manufacturing business is continually evolving and growing. You need a partner who can support your cloud, ensure security, and increase connectivity.

Whether you’re looking for solutions like seamless mobility applications, remote diagnostics, or enhanced customer data security, Lightstream can help. We’re here to improve your cloud operations and customer services. Our extensive expertise in cloud, security, and connectivity allows your automotive business to move forward safely while processing real-time data effectively and securely.

Our proven manufacturing capabilities

Our customized solutions meet you where you are, including keeping your customers’ data safe to creating an agile and scalable cloud framework.



With cyberattacks on the rise in the manufacturing industry, ensuring a secure network has never been more critical. Hackers launch ransomware attacks, target vendors in your supply chain, and use phishing emails to gain access—all of which can be catastrophic to your business. Constant monitoring and quick responses to potential threats can minimize the impact.



With operational technology now connected to the cloud, manufacturers are now at risk for industrial control system and equipment attacks. Manufacturers have shifted to the cloud, which has increased the chances of malicious actors gaining access to crucial data, like intellectual property. You need a cloud service provider that understands the complexities of cloud security and can respond quickly to prevent attacks and mitigate risk.



As the manufacturing world has become more connected and reliant on technology than ever before, a reliable and robust network is a must. Manufacturers rely on a connected network—between warehouses, wholesalers, retailers, and other third-party vendors—to ensure operations run smoothly and there are no hiccups in logistics. You need a network you can count on to communicate with your tech and minimize downtime so you can run a smooth operation.

Lightstream provides fully managed services for 65 LHM Dealerships locations, reducing infrastructure downtime to zero and optimizing critical applications, while ensuring quick and seamless troubleshooting and resolutions.

It’s just opened our eyes to things we haven’t seen on our network before, and facilitates a lot of troubleshooting that we’ve been able to do without the need to have a CCIE on staff.


Michael Van Orden, CIO

Larry H Miller Dealerships

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