Start with a solid foundation

Pondering the best mix of cloud solutions to support your business potential?

Leading organizations throughout the world rely on Lightstream to help build a strong cloud foundation - from design, architecture, security, deployment, to ongoing management.

We’ll help you simplify your migration strategy and choose the right cloud providers. Our gold-level certifications from leading cloud-platform providers like AWS and Microsoft give us insight to create tailored hybrid- and multi-cloud environments that offers predictable costs and easy management to help transform your business.

Cloud Foundation: Align your business goals with technology solutions

Our Cloud Foundation workshops are designed to help you identify and understand the optimal solutions you need to build your roadmap to the future – including security and ongoing technical and financial optimization of your cloud.

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Core Cloud Platform

Cloud architecture planning to solidify business growth


Backup/Data Recovery

Modern, flexible, secure & affordable backup and data recovery


Scaling and Automation

Self-service automation to help you grow and become more agile


Data Platform

Secure data infrastructure to support growth and innovation



Strategies to combine software development, security and IT operations


Workload Migration

Best practices and the connectivity you need to migrate with ease


Modern networking to support the cloud environment

Explore how Lightstream can help you evaluate and modernize your physical sites, cloud connectivity design, routing, network segmentation, traffic flow management, content delivery services, DNS and network appliances.

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Ongoing expert assessments and reviews using powerful security software



Fully managed Reserved Instance (RI) and AWS Cost Savings Plan, financial reviews, advanced reporting and dashboards



Ensure every workload has the optimal balance of performance, reliability and cost


Operational Expertise

Expert, comprehensive, ongoing assistance from a dedicated team

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