Your blueprint for cloud adoption

If you’re like many organizations, much of your cloud adoption occurred through ad hoc processes that may have led to issues, frustration, duplicate work cycles and general inefficiencies. Or, you may just be getting your feet wet in cloud and want to avoid common mistakes.

In either case, Lightstream Cloud Foundation can help. Our service will help you design a plan through tailored discovery, assessment and education, then raise your organization’s technical abilities while helping you to successfully migrate your workloads.

What areas are addressed?

Cloud Foundation defines the needed elements of your cloud adoption plan. It’s a comprehensive view that discovers and analyzes:  

  • Core Cloud Platform
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Scaling and Automation 
  • Data Platform 
  • DevOps/DevSecOps 
  • Workload Migration
  • Remote Work

Our thorough Cloud Foundation process includes:

Step 1


Exchange information and discuss your goals and objectives with Lightstream. Establish a foundation about the latest technologies and industry-best standards/practices.

Step 2


Visualize potential solutions and scenarios with Lightstream. Explore specific technologies and approaches more deeply to determine what your organization will embrace.

Step 3


This session goes deeper into your current environment; compute, cloud, storage, networking, security, database, applications, operations, processes and culture as an overall maturity assessment. 

Step 4


Lightstream engineers, architects and subject matter experts will share and discuss industry best practices, design patterns, 3rd party solutions and tool sets available to your organization. 

Step 5


Lightstream will deliver a document containing the current state of your infrastructure, and a blueprint with recommendations for transforming your digital infrastructure.

Build the right cloud foundation

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