Reliable carrier-cloud

Stable and secure connections between network carriers and cloud providers don’t have to be so difficult. Lightstream’s cloud interconnect provides a reliable connection between your network carriers and cloud providers to keep your business running smoothly 24x7.

Our team of cloud architects understands the complexities of connecting sites, mobile devices, vehicles and IoT technologies to cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

In fact, top network carriers and cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft look to Lightstream to manage the complex interconnections between network providers and the cloud data centers – giving you one less thing to worry about.

Cloud Foundation: align your business goals with technology solutions

Our Cloud Foundation helps you identify and understand the optimal solutions you need to build your roadmap to the future – including security and ongoing technical and financial optimization of your cloud environment. 

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Network design and assessment

We understand global networking and the complex rules of connectivity within a cloud data center. Our engineers are expert at properly implementing the end-to-end logical connectivity, meet point assignments, BGP routing, circuit definitions, VNet/Subnet architecture and failover designations.


Private, hybrid, multi-cloud

We offer comprehensive solutions for all types of cloud implementations and connectivity needs. Our solutions can be deployed standalone or as part of a multi-cloud environment.


Management and monitoring

We provide fully managed and monitored interconnection solutions to AWS & Azure, regardless of interconnection type.

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