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Today, cloud, security, wireless and telephony are being integrated into your network infrastructure. The network is more complex, and many organizations haven't developed a roadmap to guide them on new advanced technologies and capabilities.

Lightstream's Network Strategy Services can help. We'll help you design a plan through tailored discovery, assessment and education, then raise your organization’s technical abilities while helping you to successfully provide a comprehensive vision for your data, security and telephony infrastructures.

Align your business goals with technology solutions

Our foundation sessions are designed to help you identify and understand the optimal solutions you need to build your roadmap to the future.

Connect with our network engineers

We'll work with you through our engagement process

Step 1


Exchange information and discuss your goals and objectives with Lightstream. Establish a foundation about the latest technologies and industry-best standards/practices.

Step 2


Visualize potential solutions and scenarios with Lightstream. Explore specific technologies and approaches more deeply to determine what your organization will embrace.

Step 3


This session goes deeper into your current environment; compute, cloud, storage, networking, security, database, applications, operations, processes and culture as an overall maturity assessment. 

Step 4


Lightstream engineers, architects and subject matter experts will share and discuss industry best practices, design patterns, 3rd party solutions and tool sets available to your organization. 

Step 5


Lightstream will deliver a document containing the current state of your infrastructure, and a blueprint with recommendations for transforming your digital infrastructure.

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