Public cloud security-as-a-service

While everybody is talking about going to the cloud, keeping cloud(s) safe can be another story. Talent shortages, skills shortages and evolving threats are constant challenges in today's ever-changing environment.

Lightstream Cloud Defense helps your organization lower its business risk by building a resilient public-cloud environment. The service provides continuous monitoring, detection and incident response through Lightstream’s cloud-native platform and team of experts. Our service is backed by world-class expertise and industry-leading technology you can trust.

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Virtual workloads


Network configurations


Account configurations


Identity management


Cloud storage


Publicly exposed resources


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Quickly assesses the security risks associated with your AWS or Azure environments through a written report with grade-level reporting (A-F) on key cloud risk indicators.

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Security Operations Center Services: 24x7x365 protection

With digital transformation and the growth of its applications and services currently offered, it’s hard for businesses to fill many of their IT positions, let alone ones that require security expertise.

Lightstream can help by providing security monitoring and management services to keep your operations safe. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) services include:

  • ISO 27001-certified dedicated security professionals
  • 24/7 protection for your hardware and data— data center, network, endpoints or in the cloud
  • Demonstrated compliance through GDPR, PCI, DigiD, BIG, BIWA, NEN7510, ISO27000, and others
  • Managed services for detection and response, next-gen firewalls and secure access service edge (SASE)
  • AI-enabled automation and best practices

How it's delivered

Lightstream’s security experts will first work to baseline your cloud environment and remediate any critical deficiencies. Our automated tooling will then continuously scan your environment to identify new risks. Finally, our response team will work with yours as needed to ensure continual, rapid remediation and implementation of long-term best practices.

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