Lightstream helps company streamline needs with significant financial savings

Customized solution was one stop shop for more holistic approach

Business Challenges

A company that delivers secure and trusted real-time data to other companies across industries needed a creative solution in a short timeframe and turned to Lightstream. It wanted all of its technical needs, including cloud access solutions and licensing agreements, to be in one dashboard. The company’s data platform delivers mission-critical, secure data at scale to create connected omnichannel experiences for customers, partners and employees.

Quick Turnaround
The company had a quick turnaround time of 45 days for a creative and customized solution that met its vast needs. Because of the nature of its business, this company could not afford to have downtime in delivery.

Holistic Approach
All of the company’s technical needs needed to be within one dashboard for a more holistic approach.

Capabilities & Customizations
The company was looking for a solution that could handle its cloud access offerings and licensing agreements and needed something with more capabilities and customizations.

The Lightstream Solution

Lightstream worked side-by-side with global technology partner to provide a deep understanding of their client’s business model and ecosystem resulting in a holistic solutions recommendation that addressed all their technical needs within one dashboard.

Rapid Response
Lightstream worked with one of our preferred partners to provide a completely customized solution in just 45 days. It met all of the company’s cloud access and licensing needs.

One Stop Shop
With Lightstream’s preferred partners working closely together, the company was offered creative solutions under one umbrella, allowing for a holistic approach. Lightstream has vast expertise in solutions offered by business partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Palo Alto and RELAX.

Support & Technical Experience
Lightstream provided support and technical expertise to find the best solution for this company’s cloud access and licensing agreements. Through Lightstream’s evaluation of the company’s ecosystem, it was discovered there were other opportunities for optimization. Once the company was introduced to those products, it wanted to include them in their package.

Guiding Your Team
Lightstream guided the team with information they needed to ensure our preferred partners could create a custom solution that would meet all of the company’s needs.

Business Outcomes

Streamlined Operation
Lightstream worked side-by-side with Palo Alto to provide a deep understanding of the company’s business model and ecosystem, resulting in a holistics solutions recommendation that addressed all of its technical needs within one dashboard.

Significant Cost Savings
Lightstream worked with preferred partners to create a customized solution that saved this company more than $300,000.

Minimal Downtime
The company was able to continue providing its clients with the security they need for their data with minimal downtime. Lightstream provided a solution in 45 days, meeting the company’s deadline.

Direct Access to Experts
The company had direct access to Lightstream’s tech experts to quickly receive answers about services provided by our preferred partners.

Get Started

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Lightstream’s Zero Trust Security Model prevents breaches and ransomware attacks

The 5-Step Model to Implementing Zero Trust

Strategic approach protects critical assets and reduces impact on any attacked areas

Business Challenges

A cyberattack or data breach is a nightmare scenario for every business or corporation. As cyberattacks become more automated and complex, IT and security departments face an event overload, lack of time and increasing staff cost. Once a data breach occurs, the clock is ticking.

Pressure to Respond Faster
Network administrators must be concerned with protecting their organizations from outsider threats, insider threats and malware. There is pressure to respond faster and mitigate threats before damage occurs.

In-house Talent Shortages
Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly difficult to manage in-house. Many IT and security departments have a shortage of trained and experienced security analysts.

Security Strategies Need to be Adaptable
The traditional security model is vulnerable. Organizations need a more advanced security strategy to reduce the time, cost and complexity of investigating and responding to security events and analyzing the root cause. Businesses need to lower risks and their impacts and achieve a higher return on investment for their cybersecurity spend.

The Zero-Trust Solution: Never Trust. Always Verify.

Lightstream takes the old phrase “trust, but verify” and flips it on its head with the Zero Trust Readiness Assessment. This is for businesses that don’t know where to start and is a strategic approach that helps prevent data breaches.

The Zero Trust Assessment Process
To begin, the Zero Trust Readiness Assessment looks at three organizational groups:

  1. Strategic
  2. Managerial
  3. Operations

STEP 2: Based on the results, Lightstream assesses gaps to develop a plan. It offers best-in-class solutions with deep integration of the platform across leading vendors including Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google and VMware. Our endpoint protection is based on Palo Alto Networks Traps to block security breaches and ransomware attacks before they compromise endpoints. It also builds on the revolutionary Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR to provide Lifestream analysts and forensic specialists with threat intelligence, logs and data.

STEP 3: Within one week of completing the Zero Trust Readiness Assessment, you’ll receive a strategic advisory report. It will offer future improvements in the areas of strategic, managerial and operational levels. With that roadmap, you’ll have insight into your progress and next steps.

Addressing security challenges requires a fundamental shift in managed security services. Lightstream’s approach to cyber defense is focused on prevention and based on Zero Trust. Lightstream delivers the next generation of cloud-based security services in prevention, detection, response, forensics and threat-hunting.

Business Outcomes: Protect Your Critical Assets

The average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44 million[1]. Organizations with a Zero Trust security approach can potentially save $1.5 million compared to those that don’t, according to IBM Security’s “The Cost of a Data Breach Report.”[2]  With Lightstream’s Zero Trust Readiness Assessment, businesses can protect their critical assets and quickly reduce impacts of a cyberattack.

Make More Informed Security Decisions
The Zero Trust Readiness Assessment helps businesses make informed decisions about required actions, budgets and how to allocate resources. It’s developed using Zero Trust principles and enables execution of a quick and seamless strategy.

Ensure More Clarity Security Solution Implementation and Maintenance
Lightstream provides long-term and short-term recommendations to implement the Zero Trust model. Organizations also get clarity on how to implement and maintain their security policy with Zero Trust.

Get 24/7 Access to Elite Security Experts
Lightstream’s Zero Trust Readiness Assessment gives organizations 24/7 access to an elite team of security professionals – saving you time and money. You’re not alone on the path to better security.

What’s Next? Contact Lightstream
If you’re not quite sure where to begin when it comes to securing critical assets and creating a long-term security solution, Lightstream is here to help. You can start today with our Zero Trust Readiness Assessment. Contact us here.