AWS Reserved Instances: How to Do It Right

AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) give you the benefits of cloud computing while also reserving capacity and potentially lowering costs. That’s because realizing huge cost savings through RIs isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems.

In this webinar, Lightstream CFO Shan Edwards and CTO Sjon Benson share how to maximize RIs to drive true cost savings.

  • Maximizing your RI coverage ratio
  • Using infrastructure intelligence to drive RI contracting
  • Ongoing and consistent RI program oversight

We’ll help you improve how you assess and continually evaluate RI contracting opportunities to get the most savings through AWS.


Lightstream Welcomes John Pereira as Chief Operations Officer

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – December 18, 2017 – Lightstream announced today the hiring of John Pereira as the company’s new Chief Operations Officer. In his role, Pereira will be responsible for overseeing the operations of the company, as well as facilitating business growth by establishing new processes and standards that will allow the company to expand with the growing demands of the industry.

“We are very excited to have John join the Lightstream team,” stated Rod Stout, President of Lightstream.   “He brings operational excellence and experience that is difficult to find in the marketplace.  John is critical in supporting the explosive growth that Lightstream is experiencing in our cloud, network, and managed services businesses.  His expertise is key in our ongoing commitment to customers and the further development of automation and systems that continues to set Lightstream apart.”

John has spent nearly 20 years in management and executive roles with prominent technology companies such as,, and  Prior to joining the Lightstream team, John served as the COO for Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a native Utah company that leverages technology to innovate biological research while dramatically reducing overall costs. While in his tenure with Recursion, John led the Operations and Marketing Teams during the company’s hypergrowth period and the raising of a $60M Series B investment.  Prior to Recursion, John was COO of where he led the Client Services and Professional Services Teams, managing over 500 of the world’s greatest brand retailers. In addition to these positions, John serves on the Advisory Boards of Channel Signal and Athletigen.

According to John, “Lightstream has been providing its clients with the highest level of quality and value in cloud and networking solutions for years.  Its dedication and commitment to the customer is without equal and has been a big part of the company’s success.  I really feel privileged to be joining such a dedicated team and couldn’t be more excited about helping to achieve further success.”

John has a bachelor of science in mathematics from the US Naval Academy, and he then served his country as a naval officer.  After his departure from the Navy, Mr. Pereira went on to receive an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.


Lightstream is a premier systems integrator of cloud, connectivity, and technology services. The company’s experienced team specializes in the design, integration, implementation, and management of complex global IT solutions. Lightstream specializes in connectivity as well as envisioning, assessment, and migration of applications to the cloud.  The company integrates private, hyper-scale cloud, and hybrid IT solutions. Lightstream’s portfolio includes network design, telecommunications services, cloud assessment, migration and infrastructure, managed cloud services, business continuity and disaster recovery, enterprise storage, next-gen voice/data services, network monitoring, intelligent billing and analytics, and other managed IT solutions.